what we do

You Will Feel the Diffrence


1. 8.5lb NXL Decking

The 8.5lb NXL Deck is Tough, Durable & Soft. Giving Our Boards Rigidity, While Allowing the Perfect Amount of Flex.


2. Elnino Stringer System

Elnino’s Laminated Marine Ply Stringers Provide the Perfect Balance between Weight & Strength: 1 X Stringer (Flow, Diva 6’/6’6 , Cruiser 6’6)
2 X Stringer (Spade, Fluid, Diva 7’ , Cruiser 7‘/7’6)
3 X Stringer (Cruiser 8’, SUP)


3. EPS / EPSHG Core

We Utilise the Best EPS Available for Superior Strength & Durability.
EPSHG (where specified) Adds Further Strength & Versatility for Elnino High Performance Models...


4. Double Substrate

In Selected Models adds Strength & Durability by reinforcing the Softboard's Skeletal Structure.