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Lighter - Faster - Stronger

At Elnino we get to provide platforms for fun. We started our softboard programme in 1999 and have been committed to deriving the ultimate softboards in surfing ever since. Elnino is based in Caringbah, Sydney.

Elnino has focused on Investing in the best materials and our latest 2022 range is a reflection of our experience in softboards. A combination of focusing on technical development, style and emphasis on delivering the best value to our riders has yielded the 2022 range. Our templates are a result of extensive research and ultimately investing in our own tailored moulds.

New for this year we now have the Elnino Moke 53” charging short board with twin fins and stringers. A versatile tight board for experienced fun chasers.
Also new is the Inflatable Stand Up 11’0 Paddleboard - a finely designed offering for the whole family with the flexibility for easy transport. Extensively tested over 12 months in Australia and constructed to the highest quality levels.

All Elnino softboards come with a detachable fin system and a legrope – this combination enables the Elnino you buy to be ready for immediate surfing. If you want to invest in alternate fins, the Elnino finbox can handle many options available in the market. The standard Elnino fins are carefully constructed to deliver a sharp level of manoueverability with just the right rigidity.

Choose from the Cruiser range (mal shape - 6’6 through to 8’) , the Flow range (traditional template - 5’6 – 6’0) and the Fish 5’8 (twin stringer).

The Elnino Nipper 5’10” is a well derived board with 4 sturdy hold handles and a concave deck to hold the rider in place. A great option.

To get the juniors started in surfing Elnino has the Mini 37” and the Scorcher 44” (with twin fins). We are fully confident your Elnino board will meet your surfing needs. The soft option really works with Elnino.

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